Prayer Pillowcase FAQs

Where are Prayer Pillowcases made?
Prayer Pillowcases are made with love in the USA. They are designed and printed in California using American-made pillowcases.

Is the Image one of those "decal" things?
No way! We use the Direct to Garment (DTG) printing process, which means we print directly on to the pillowcase. That's why Prayer Pillowcases are always soft and never scratchy. No stiffness or decal peeling; that can't happen with our product which only gets softer with every wash.

What kind of Ink do you use?
The good stuff! Our inks are specially created for use on washable fabric and are CPSIA compliant and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, too. That means they're super safe for your family and ours, as well as the environment! (Oeko-Tex, which sounds like "echo-tex," is a European ecological certification process that tests for over 100  harmful substances.)

What about fading?
Virtually imperceptible. The final step in our printing process is setting the image with heat. This makes it very durable and long lasting. We've done many test washings and our repeated washings have shown only minimal fading, which is most noticeable after the first wash. Fading from subsequent washing is virtually imperceptible.

What about the pillowcases?
All of our pillowcases are sewn to measure 20" x 31" and fit both Standard & Queen size pillows.
We founded our company on American-made pillowcases. From our flagship Poly/Cotton pillowcases to our newer 100% Cotton and Organic Cotton pillowcases, made in the USA is an important component of our business philosophy.
Speaking of Organic Cotton, we're very excited to (finally!) have this option for you. We searched over the years and were disappointed that we could never find anything but imported organic cotton pillowcases. We're grateful to the American farmers who've undertaken this important mission, and for the beautiful pillowcases they make possible: domestic and organic "from grown to sewn."

What about washing? No special handling is necessary but to give your new Prayer Pillowcase the longest, brightest life possible, follow these 4 Easy Tips:

  1. Never bleach printed area
  2. Wash & dry inside out ( this help protect the print from abrasion)
  3. Cold water wash
  4. Tumble dry low, remove promptly and shake out.