Our Story

We became parents in 1986 and embraced the role of being our son's "Religious Ed." teachers. It was a fun and natural part of our daily life. Our family grew to three children and as they got abit older we let them know it was important they take their Catholic faith seriously. From our “travel prayers” said together at the start of each family trip, to grace at meals and pleas to St. Anthony when things went missing, we endeavored to bring the Holy Family and the saints into our own domestic church. We treasured toys, gifts and books helping bring God’s love and Catholic values into our daily lives. In fact, we founded a business with that very mission of bringing Catholic games and keepsakes to children “toddler through teen,” and raised it for twenty years alongside our children.

As our children grew up and set off on their own adventures and we reflected on the joys and challenges of raising Catholic families, we saw a need for a new product: something that can deepen the prayer lives of youngsters while offering busy parents (or grandparents!) a daily reminder to take a breath and thank God for that beautiful baby or say a quick prayer to Our Blessed Mother for patience.

This was how Prayer Pillowcases was born. We realized that a common household item (pillowcases) provided the perfect canvas for creating something that could nurture our spiritual lives while warming our home with images of beloved saints, Jesus and Our Lady.

We design each pillowcase, with careful attention to the prayers and images. While it’s important that each graphic is fun to look at and ready to adorn any pillow, from the sitting room armchair to the bunk bed, it’s also essential that they can serve as catechetical tools to teach the Catholic Faith. We work closely with artists to create each image, with particular attention to the symbols associated with many saints. These can help us remember who saints are and inspire our prayers for their intercession. By including both more well-known symbols (like St. Peter with his keys) to more subtle symbols (like the Wawel Cathedral where Pope St. John Paul II performed his first Mass Father Karol Wojtyla) our pillowcases educate and inspire Catholics of all ages.

Now as grandparents ourselves we can see the fruits of family prayer nurtured by tools like Prayer Pillowcases. Words of the Our Father or the Angel of God, help make bedtime a time of comfort and learning, while an array of prayers and images offer something to inspire any age. We continue to grow our selection of pillowcases, carefully curating beloved Catholic prayers and art that reflects the beauty and light of the Faith.

We hope Prayer Pillowcases make it easy for you and your family to befriend the holy men and women who came before us and to ask for their intercession in confidence knowing they desire to encourage us our own journeys to holiness.

Joseph & Leane