Our Story

We became parents in 1986 and took seriously the responsibility to teach our 3 children their Catholic faith. Each night after the bedtime ritual of teeth-brushing, donning PJs, and "I'm thirsty" the most important part of ending the day together was our prayers. We began by teaching the kids Our Father and when that was mastered kept adding prayers to their immature repertoire. Naturally, prayer time stretched on over the years and was sometimes turned into a race for the finish line. Our eldest son caught on first, eager to finish and listen to the cassette tapes of stories as he fell asleep. His younger brother was often already falling asleep, and their younger sister was frequently paying more attention to the cat she was trying to make sleep on her bed. 

This was well before Prayer Pillowcases existed! Though our children learned their prayers, we often looked back wondering how we could have deepened their prayer lives as youngsters, and allowed the focus of this family ritual to be on having a relationship with Jesus and His Church rather than a memory showcase. 

We found a way to do that and Prayer Pillowcases was born.

By combining the "Words of Prayers with the "Images of Jesus, Mary & the Saints" children are able to visualize the connection their prayers have to Salvation History. The pillowcases are not only comforting in their artistry, but we customize each design to serve as catechetical tools for parents in teaching about the Catholic Faith. For example, Saints often have multiple symbols associated with their stories, from the obvious (St. Peter with keys) to the more subtle (Pope St. John Paul II with  Wawel Cathedral in the background, where the newly ordained Father Karol Wojtyla performed his first Mass in 1946). Our pillowcases inspire children and parents to find the deeper meaning in these details. 

Now as grandparents we can see the fruits of family prayer nurtured by tools like Prayer Pillowcases. We love joining in the nightly routine as our grandchildren prepare for bedtime and take their place praying for themselves and the Church. We are reminded, as adults, of those holy men and women who came before us and now intercede for us, protecting our faith and aiding our growth in Holiness.