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Get to know the family behind Prayer Pillowcases

Meet your Prayer Pillowcase makers!

We’re Leane and Joseph, the makers of Prayer Pillowcases, and we're so happy you're here!

 As Catholic parents (and now grandparents!) we understand the importance of integrating the faith into everyday family life so children can see their faith lived - and loved! But it can be hard to find more and new ways to do this as little ones mature into tweens and young adults.

Enter Prayer Pillowcases: a subtle, thought-provoking way to nurture prayer life with something we all use every day - pillowcases! We realized this common household item was the perfect canvas to bring beautiful and important prayers and warm Catholic imagery to hearts and homes.

Our Lady of Grace with the Hail Mary, St. Michael the Archangel and St. Thérèse of Lisieux were our premiere designs in 2010 (they debuted in our Catholic Child Catalog, if you remember mail order days) and guess what? They're still the Prayer Pillowcases we print the most of, our Top-3 best-sellers!

More than 100 designs and four grandchildren later, we still love getting to be a part of your prayer journey. Our own prayer is that Prayer Pillowcases help you and your family keep moving closer to Jesus, Mary, and the saints with prayer.

Joyfully in Christ,

Leane and Joseph

Never forget to say your prayers again.

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