Rest in Him - Literally.

Shop Catholic pillowcases that turn even sleep into a prayer.

Bless them

with prayers of their faith

Catholic pillowcases that help you remember to pray

Prayer Pillowcases help busy Catholic families start and end their day centered on Him. It’s about more than just sleeping in heavenly peace. You desire to have a lived faith, but finding time to pray can feel complicated and overwhelming.

Even the busiest families use pillowcases though! Why not have them nurture your faith? From your bed, to your couch to your prayer corner, Prayer Pillowcases make a wonderful foundation for developing prayer habits and sharing the faith with your spouse, children and guests.

Sleep with the Saints

Emulate the saints’ rest in the Lord by resting on their intercession! Pick your patron and your prayer– we have over 50 saint-themed Catholic pillowcases in our shop.

Cover them in prayer.

Children absorb everything. Want them to develop a relationship with Jesus, Mary, and the saints? Surround them with illustrations of prayer in everyday life!

And the beautiful illustrations will remind YOU to pray for them, too: intercessory prayers for protection as you help make a bed, a plea for patience as you rouse a teenager, or an utterance of gratitude as you finally let your own head hit the pillow.

The perfect Catholic gift for every occasion

We know how hard it is to find a Catholic gift that is meaningful AND useful. Prayer Pillowcases are the perfect Catholic gift for all ages and occasions – Birthdays, House Warmings, Christmas, the Sacraments – the gifting possibilities are endless!

Plus, they’re affordable enough to have one for each child or grandchild, and to stash several away for when that unexpected gifting need arises.

Meet Joseph & Leane, your Prayer Pillowcase makers

It's really fun collaborating with our artists on Prayer Pillowcase illustrations and watching our visions unfold. Our Saint portraits intentionally include several layers of meaning to spark teachable moments and prayerful contemplation.

That's a big part of our mission: to help Catholics befriend the saints and pray for their intercession in confidence. Because the holy men and women who've gone before us want to encourage us our own journeys to holiness! We just need to ask.

Our Story

Never forget to pray before bed again.

Always forgetting to say your prayers or letting the angels finish your rosary for you? Not anymore! Shop our full line of Catholic pillowcases that make developing a prayer habit and sharing the faith as easy as making the bed.