Teach your family to pray the vital prayer to St. Michael the Archangel using this pretty and comfy Catholic pillow case by Prayer Pillowcases. Now available in organic cotton.
St. Michael the Archangel *
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Deliver us
Pope St. John Paul II - Be Not Afraid
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Mother Terese of Calcutta lived and intensely inspiring life. This holy woman devoted her life to the very lonliest and most vulnerable of God's children. She left us many beautiful prayers to help us on our own journies to holiness.
Immaculate Heart of Mary: Mother Teresa's Prayer to Mary
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Who doesn't want their children to grow into a life-long friendship with the saints? Sweetly devotional Prayer Pillowcases are a meaningful way to start!
St. Therese: Morning Prayer
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The Door to Heaven is the Heart of Jesus.

The key to this door is prayer and love.
~St. Andree Bessette