Pretty Catholic pillowcases, like this one with the Hail Mary prayer, bring Mary into your family's daily life.

The Mary Month of May

In addition to memorable events like First Communions, Confirmations and Graduations, the month of May brings something more: an entire month devoted to our Heavenly Mother!

These beautiful Catholic pillowcases with prayers to the Virgin Mary nurture devotion and gratitude to Mary especially during the month of May.

Honor Mary in May

and always! Our Marian Collection helps families nurture devotion and voice gratitude to Mother Mary, during May and every day!

Marian Prayers & Devotions

Growing Saints. One Prayer at a Time.

It's our joy to create practical Catholic home decor that speaks to what matters to families like yours. Prayer Pillowcases nurture prayerful companionship with Jesus, Mary and the Saints - every day! Our Catholic pillowcases comfort and inspire souls little and big to learn, live and celebrate their faith.

Our holy, hardworking home décor moves Catholics little and big to prayerful companionship with Jesus, Mary and the Saints. Come browse our Collections: