The Door to Heaven is the Heart of Jesus.

The key to this door is prayer and love.
~St. André Bessette

Let this radiant portrait of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on their pillowcase help your family start their day with a prayer in their heart to His.
" In the morning let your first act be to greet My Heart and to offer Me your own. W h o e v e r, breathes a sigh toward Me, draws Me to himself." ~Jesus to St. Mechtilde — THE CATHOLIC CHURCH DEDICATES THE MONTH OF JUNE TO JESUS,

The Sacred Heart

Growing Saints. One Prayer at a Time.

It's our joy to create useful Catholic home decor that speaks to what matters to families like yours. Prayer Pillowcases nurture prayerful companionship with Jesus, Mary and the Saints - every day!

Our holy, hardworking home décor moves Catholics little and big to prayerful companionship with Jesus, Mary and the Saints. Come browse our Collections: