Catholic Fundraising with Prayer Pillowcases - Where Faith Meets Funds!

Choose a Prayer Pillowcase Fundraiser and see how Faith meets Funds!

Prayer Pillowcases are a real crowd-pleaser for Catholic Fundraisers. Even when that crowd is virtual.

We're happy to be able to provide a refreshing, delightfully devotional alternative to typical fundraising products. Plus, with a price of just $14.95, our Prayer Pillowcases offer affordable, year-round gift appeal which makes it easy to gather support no matter when you're planning your Fundraiser.

We offer 2 programs and enjoy working closely with Schools, Churches, Youth Groups and Religious Organizations to help implement the best for your needs:

  1. Shop 'n Share Online Fundraiser - you receive $3.25 for each pillowcase sold. 
  2. Display-Table Sales (direct sales) - you keep 40% of sales

Whichever program you decide to use will garner enthusiastic support from your audience as they discover how easy it is to contribute to your goals while shopping for lasting sacramental and any-occasion Catholic gifts.

To learn how easy it is to put a Prayer Pillowcase Fundraiser to work for your organization please contact Joseph:
Phone: 707.765.1668


Catholic Churches and Schools love fundraising with Prayer Pillowcases

1. Shop 'n Share Online Fundraiser

Our tried and true online platform is a popular choice with busy coordinators. It couldn't be simpler: get your code, and we take care of everything!

With this program participants shop our website using a designated code during a certain window of time (you decide). We ship orders as we receive them, free of charge. At the end of the fundraiser you receive $3.25 for each pillowcase sold using your unique code.


2. Display-Table Fundraiser (known as direct sales programs) uses colorful product samples to give Customers a hands-on experience of how vibrant and soft Prayer Pillowcases really are.

Prayer Pillowcase Direct Sales Fundraisers

To learn how easy it is to put a Prayer Pillowcase Fundraiser to work for your organization please contact Joseph:
Phone: 707.765.1668

What people are saying about Prayer Pillowcase Fundraisers:

Working with the people at Prayer Pillowcases was such a pleasure, they were very helpful through the whole process. The pillowcases are such good quality they sell themselves. This was the smoothest fundraising experience I've had. I recommend Prayer Pillowcase fundraisers to both schools and churches. Thanks so much!
-Sheryl, St. Felicitas School, CA.

What a great fundraiser this turned out to be!
God bless you and all your staff at Prayer Pillowcases!
-Susan, St. Anthony's Parish, ND

Joy! Last year I sold your Prayer Pillowcases and parents asked if I would be doing it again this year.
-Sister Margaret Rose, Queen of Angels School, PA

Thank you, we were pleased. You have a great product.
-Sandra, Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, TX

Prayer Pillowcases are the perfect fundraiser. The pillowcases were delivered whenever we needed them. People loved the designs.
-Kathy, Holy Trinity Parish, NY