Pope St. John Paul II - Be Not Afraid

Item # 17583

  • Feast Day: October 22nd
  • Patron Of: World Youth Day
  • Born: Karol Wojtyla on May 18, 1920, Poland
  • Died: April 2, 2005

Share the wisdom of "The Pope of the Family" and seek the intercession of Pope Saint John Paul II for your family! Our Pope Saint John Paul II Prayer Pillowcase will help you do both.

The Pope Saint John Paul II - Be Not Afraid Prayer Pillowcase features our welcoming original composition portraying Karol Wojtyla the way most of us remember him best: as our beloved Pope John Paul the Great. Here with his noteable papal staff and hand raised in blessing. We love the way our artist included a pastoral background to pay homage to this saint's life-long love of the outdoors. We added JP II's words “Be Not Afraid,” because Pope John Paul the Great spoke them again and again to encourage us on our journeys in Christ’s footsteps. In witness of dear Papa's great devotion to the Blessed Mother we added a small Marian emblem to complete this illustration.
Share the Pope Saint John Paul II - Be Not Afraid Prayer Pillowcase with your loved ones to open the doors to the uplifting and consoling companionship of Saint John Paul II. This makes a great gift for confirmation!
Personalize it for a special gift of devotion.

What do you remember most about the man who, as Pope, once graced the cover of Time Magazine as “Man of the Year”? Is it the way he dedicated his life, his papacy and the world to our Blessed Mother, using the motto Totus Tuus -Totally Yours? Maybe it’s for his important and timeless writings that continue to enlighten us, give us hope and guide us toward holiness. Or perhaps you remember this saint as the Pope who sat on the Chair of Peter for almost 27 years and cared so intensely about the youth of the world that he initiated World Youth Days.
Yes, while he was on earth, the man behind this saint enriched the lives of millions worldwide - young and old, Catholic and non-Catholic alike. Now Saint John Paul II is carrying on his mission as our loving advocate in Heaven. When secular social issues hit home with unexpected force or we see loved ones struggling to live their faith authentically and with enthusiasm, we can pray for Pope Saint John Paul II’s intercession. And we can pray with confidence because we know he understands the daily struggles we face.

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